Battle Tested Pressure Passing 4 DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

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Learn exactly what the best passer in the world is thinking as he teaches you step-by-step how to pass the toughest guards you'll see at any BJJ academy or tournement. Bernardo Faria teaches 29 of his best guard pass techniques updated for 2017. He also includes running commentary on his sparring with another 29 sessions with crazy tough brown and black belts, including one world champion. Your passing will quickly reach another level after you watch it.


DVD 1:
Applying Weight and Pressure When Passing
Basics Of Over/Under with 2017 Technique Adjustments
Over/Under Brother
Countering The Hip Escape
4 Options To Finish Over Under Pass
Counter The Pants Grip Counter
Countering the Hook In Over Under
Grip Climb Adjustment
Countering the Lapel Guard

DVD 2:
Countering The Spider Lapel + Lasso Guard
Over/Under Pass On Worm Guard
Avoiding And Countering The Bury
Over/Under Against Butterfly Updated Version
Countering The 2 on 1 In Butterfly
Countering The Push Away Hip Escape
Countering The Push Away Hip Escape Without Over Under
Getting Over/Under When Opponent Frames or Pushes Away
Over/under Against Knee Shield Defense
When You Can't Get Over/Under On Knee Shield Defense

DVD 3:
Updated Spider Guard Defense
Over/Under Against Spider/Lasso
Philosophy Of Keeping 2 Knees On The Mat
Baseball Grip Entry
Over/Under When Opponent Pushes The Head
Countering The Elbow Pull To Triangle
Counter Against Belt And Sleeve Grip
Concepts Against Chokes
Defense Against Suicide Choke

DVD 4:
Bruno Jacare Dias Intro And 1st Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 2nd Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 3rd Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 4th Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 5th Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 6th Roll
Bruno Jacare Dias 7th Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima Intro And 1st Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima 2nd Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima 3rd Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima 4th Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima 5th Roll
Robson Mau-Mau Lima 6th Roll
Anderson Silverio Intro And 1st Roll
Anderson Silverio 2nd Roll
Anderson Silverio 3rd Roll
Nate Morrison Intro And 1st Roll
Nate Morrison 2nd Roll
Nate Morrison 3rd Roll
Nate Morrison 4th Roll
Liam Intro And 1st Roll
Liam 2nd Roll
Liam 3rd Roll
Liam 4th Roll
Kyle Misuraca Intro And 1st Roll
Kyle Misuraca 2nd Roll
Kyle Misuraca 3rd Roll
Kyle Misuraca 4th Roll
Kyle Misuraca 5th Roll





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instant applicability

What is great about this instructional is how applicable it is. Bernardo makes understanding this pass very easy, and he has very useful ways to get into this position that maximize success.

In addition to being a very useful passing matrix, it's a great option to mix with speed passing, and this is a great passing method for older, less athletic or simply slower players. He also does a superior job of explaining the utility of the pass and why it can be such an effective tool to force a controlled pass and slow down an active gaurd with massive pressure. A great addition to a passing game.