Goju Ryu Karate: Visual Guide to Kumite Techniques Book by Goshi Yamaguchi

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1) Background of Kumite

2) Basic Practice of Kumite

3) Yakusoku Kumite

4) Jiyu Kumite

5) Traditional Kumite Techniques

About the author:

Goshi Yamaguchi was born on September 28 1942, as the third son of Kaiso (the Founder) Master Gogen Yamaguchi. In 1951, at the age of eight, he began practicing karate-do at Senzoku Dojo in Asakusa. He received the 1st dan in 1957 and the 2nd dan in 1959. In 1962 he became a 3rd dan holder and an instructor.

He entered Nihon University in 1963, majoring in cinema studies in the Department of Arts. While he was a student, he had an opportunity to teach karate-do at an American branch dojo for a year.

After his return to Japan Saiko Shihan continued to teach karate-do in various Goju-ryu dojo.

He graduated from the university in 1969, and he became full time shihan in the head dojo with a view to promote and develop Goju-ryu Karate-do.

Goshi Yamaguchi has visited and taught karatedo in more than 40 countries in the world thus far as an authorized instructor of IKGA/JKGA, All Japan Karate-do Federation (JKF), Tokyo Karate-do Federation, and as an international referee. In 1990, he was appointed to be the president of All Japan Karate-do Goju-kai Association, International Karate-do Goju-kai Association, and Saiko Shihan (Grand Master) for the two associations.

Language: English & Japanese

175 pages 

Printed in 1993