The Muay Thai Clinch by Malaipet (On Demand)

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Being able to enter, attack from,  and escape the clinch are some of the most important skills a Muay Thai or MMA fighter needs to know. Now let Muay Thai champion Malaipet show you how to master the clinch!




Closing The Distance

Defense against a punch: Jab

Defense against a punch: Hook

Defense against a punch: Uppercut

Defense against a knee

Defense against a low kick

Defense against a mid kick

Defense against a high kick

Knee Attack while closing

Into the Clinch

Offensive Head and Neck Control - Pull Down

Offensive Head and Neck Control - Knees

Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #1

Offensive Head and Neck Control - Throw #2

Offensive Head and Neck Control - Elbow

Head Neck Control Defense - Setup

Head Neck Control Defense - Throw

Head Neck Control Defense - Body Lock

Head Neck Control Defense - Clinch Escape to Knee



Arm lock to Knee

Break Clinch to Elbow

Push Head and Knee

Shoulder Push Throw

Knee Counter to Knee Attack #1

Knee Counter to Knee Attack #2

Both Arms Under

Defense - Break Clinch

Defense - Throw

Defense - Shoots for Underhooks

Attack - Elbow Lock and Knee

Attack - Throw #1 and Defense

Attack - Throw #2

Head Arm Lock

Defense Knee

Defense - Elbow Out

Defense - Elbow trapped

Attack - Knee

Attack - Throw

Attack - Take the Back


Swim to Elbow

Swim to Throw



Body Lock

Defense - Mount

Against Taller Opponents


Knee to Throw

When Pulled Down

Head Arm Lock Defense

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