Taiji-Quan DVD 2 by Thierry Alibert

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The Original Taiji and the fighting Techniques.

By Thierry Alibert

With different angles and slow motion footage, this video gives an analysis of the second form of the modern style (20th Century) of the Yang school called "MAN".
You will see realistic situations, through the use of various martial applications in which explosive force FA-JING is underlined against one or many opponents.

A precise commentary will help you understand this method you can use in self defense or in fighting. This second part is a variation of the eight treasures, complete exercises of Qi-Gong, series among the most popular. You'll discover rare demonstrations like the "12 circles boxing" of Yang Chao Hou, Taiji of the "double knives", the old style of Yang Lu Chan (XIXth century), Sanshou fight...

Thierry Alibert:
A Yang style Taiji Quan expert, Thierry Alibert is a technical director at the T.A.O. Taiji-Quan International school, he's the head of Taiji and Qi-Gong continuing education in Gourdon, a French medieval city near Rocamadour and Sarlat.

This continuing education trains for the 10 degrees of the school, and works on every aspect of these disciplines, from the most ancient aspects of the newest ones.
A martial art and energy techniques professional for more than 20 years, he was once a member of the Karate French Team in the 1980's (2nd degree black belt).
He also teaches Full-Contact (3rd degree).

He won most of the international Traditional Taiji Quan Tournaments (empty hands, weapons and fight), especially the European Championships of 2000 and 2002.
He's a Yang Sword expert, he was ranked 4th in a World Tournament in China and the organizes national and international training courses, very popular among many practitioners.

T.A.O. (Thierry Alibert Organization):
T.A.O. Taiji-Quan International is a school full of knowledge that offers you all the aspects of this discipline, from the oldest to the newest ones, with among others Sanshou (or Taiji Fight) or the ancient explosive form, from the founder of the Yang School, the famous Yang Lu Chan aka "Yang the invincible".

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 80 Minutes

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