Show vs. Go and Submission Resistance 3 DVD Set with Tony Cecchine

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Volumes 24-26 of Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling series are a must have for submission grapplers and practitioners of other groundfighting arts. In this set, you'll learn the difference between "show holds" -- submission holds that leave space and, against a seasoned opponent, are easily countered -- and "go holds," or actual hooks intended to leave your opponent with very little chance of escape.

Many instructional DVDs being sold today teach holds that simply won't work. In this landmark series, I explain why they won't work, show you their easy counters, and offer corrections necessary to turn these show holds into effective hooks and concession holds. From the Americana (top wrist lock) to the kimura (double wrist lock) to the nelson series to the achilles lock and heel hook, I break down the specifics that enable each move to work, and show how to apply those specifics while avoiding commonly taught errors. Not only that, but I show you just how easy these holds are to counter.

The third disc, "Submission Resistance," covers exercises and drills designed to make you tough to submit. Whether it's strengthening the achilles or the ankles, or building up the shoulder girdle, this DVD offers insights into how to condition your body to withstand common submission holds.