Professional Karate's Greatest Fights Featuring DENNIS ALEXIO DVD

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Dennis Alexio, One of the world's greatest professional karate fighters (often dressed in his native Hawaiian grass skirt) had an outstanding record of 60-1 "tough ass" attitude in the ring made him one of the most formidable fighters, if not the most formidable, to ever step inside the squared circle. His round house kicks to the head often delivered the "good night" to his opponents, and there was no avoiding his phenomenal power. These devastating high kicks were matched only by his axe-chopping low kicks ti the thigh that were absolutely paralyzing to his opponents. This is a must-watch DVD for any karate aficionado!

Customer Reviews

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Hi, well, I don't wont to offend anybody, however it was disappointing. It isn't a selection of "Karate's Greatest Fights" As a huge Dennis Alexio fan I've been buying as many of his fights as I can. I obtained around a dozen of his earlier fights from I think the company is Boxing Depot or something like that. And given that Dennis has fought at least 70 fights, I'm trying to obtain as many as is available. Although, I'm surprised that there's not really that many of Dennis's fights available for purchase.given he has fought at least 70 times. Anyway, to review this particular compilation. Well, the first fight was passable I guess. the second fight was much better but had zero ringside commentary audio & almost zero crowd audio. The third fight was the most bizarre I've ever seen in any form of fighting. He fought a fellow that was so spectacularly out of his league it was incomprehensible / suspicious. And those feelings were confirmed when after knocking his 'apponent', out in the first few seconds of the 1st round, about 5 minutes later is asked whether he'd immediately fight him again & he did!!!!! but not for long. And the fourth fight I already had from the previous fights I was sent that I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I'm sorry if this review seems nit-pickey or perhaps ungrateful that's not my intention.


Craig Bruderlin

Thanks for the honest review, Craig!