Learn Aikijutsu Book by Makoto Kurobe

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Anyone can learn the kamiwaza (godlike techniques) of Daito Ryu!
Makoto Kurabe learned Daito Ryu in Japan and refined his teachings in Europe.

Aiki techniques transcend the dimensions of speed and power and controls stiffness with softness. You can systematically learn the mysteries that were previously acquired only by those with outstanding talents.

Not only Aikido and Jujutsu techniques, but Karate and Kenpo techniques are included also.

Chapter 1: Contact System Principle 1 - Integration by Active Equilibrium
Chapter 2: Contact System Principle 2 - Integration by Passive Equilibrium
Chapter 3: Push that captures the center of gravity and Penetration thrust
Chapter 4:  Aiki raising by Aiki technique ①
Chapter 5:  Aiki raising" by Aiki technique ②
Chapter 6:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ①
Chapter 7:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ②
Chapter 8:  The highest principle "Aiki mode ③
Chapter 9:  "Skin Aiki" hung through the skin
Chapter 10:  Reverse technique to solidify the whole body
Chapter 11:  Principle of aiki surgery realized by muscle current
Chapter 12:  Aiki Kenpo against thrust


Language: Japanese 

Length: 172 pages

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