Leglocks 101 by Charles Harriott 2 DVD Set

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Too many people are afraid of leglocks.  They think that if they start training leglocks they are going to get injured or injure their partners.  The problem with lower body attacks is that people do not know how to introduce them.  Charles is here to give you his safe curriculum and show you how to adapt lower body attacks.


Charles is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu under Rinaldo Santos who is part of the Carlson Gracie Lineage.  Charles is an avid martial artist who is also a black belt in Kenpo and Judo.  He is also a professional break dancer. Being a passionate student of the martial arts, Charles was fascinated by the presence and evolution of leglocks in the bjj scene and decided to devote the majority of his time to  lower body attacks. 


After spending hours upon hours and years learning leglocks, and competing in no gi competitions, he found that the biggest mistake with leglocks is that they are not taught as a curriculum.  People just learn one heel hook and one toe hold, but they never develop a safe approach to these attacks.  They fail to learn a systematic approach and this makes them dangerous.


How does he know that this is the biggest mistake people make? 


Charles decided to travel the world teaching, training and learning Jiu Jitsu and he became a BJJ Globetrotters instructor and has visited over 15 countries and trained at hundreds of academies.



During his traveling he found that people were very intimidated by leglocks, and neglected the technical and systematic aspects of them.  That is why he developed his introductory leglock curriculum "Leglocks 101."