Knee On Belly Domination 3 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier

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 In this series, 3rd degree black belt and 40 Plus BJJ creator, Stephen Whittier, reveals the critical concept and details you must know to quickly develop a high performance Knee-On-Belly skill set.  You'll learn how to control your opponents with the minimal effort and athleticism, shut down their escapes, and secure the submission!

Disc 1

  • The classic knee ride
  • Training for optimal control
  • The modern knee ride
  • The hybrid knee ride 
  • getting to the knee ride
  • Transitions: The windshield wiper

Disc 2

  • Transitions: Sinking the hook when opponent turns away
  • Transitions: Moving around the head
  • Putting it together: Isolation drill
  • Transition from the hybrid knee ride
  • Attacks from classic posture: The baseball bat choke
  • Choke connection details
  • The near side arm bar
  • Combining attacks
  • Adapting your attacks to No Gi

Disc 3

  • Setting up the X-choke
  • The pinch arm bar
  • The far side Arm Bar
  • The far side kneeling arm bar
  • Elbow control details
  • Bow & arrow choke setups
  • Triangle counter to the straight frame