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New TWIBJJ with Bruce Bookman

On today's episode of This Week in BJJ we have a lot of news and an interview with my friend and lifelong martial artist - Bruce Bookman.

Part 1 covers the news:

Updated rules from the IBJJF!

Here are the main rules I talked about:

-1.2.2 - When deemed necessary, the IBJJF will use two additional referees with access to
video replay for the correction of awarded points, advantages or penalties on the scoreboard.

-5.8.4 - No advantages will be awarded for sweeps that start and end in a 50/50 guard

-6.3.2 - The suplex movements that will project or force the opponent's head or neck into the

-6.3.3 - When one or both of the athlete’s disregard the seriousness of the competition by
performing actions simulating or faking combat.

-6.4.23 - In the white belt division, it is forbidden for an athlete to jump into closed guard while
their opponent is standing.

-8.1.3 - The GI should be completely white, royal blue or black.

-8.1.4 In the female divisions, it is mandatory for the use of a stretchy or elastic shirt that hugs ̵
the body beneath the GI

-8.3.5 New point:
8.3.5 Prohibitions regarding patches and text present on uniform
● No patches or text (embroidered or handwritten) will be allowed that contain phrases,
symbols or slogans found offensive to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture,
religion and/or political ideologies.
● No patches or text (embroidered or handwritten) will be allowed that contain phrases,
symbols or slogans that promote violence, vandelism, sexual acts, drugs, alcohol
and/or tobacco.

EBI 3 is available here!

New DVDs!

Juji Gatame by Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

Black Magic by Dan Covel

Fernando Terere Submissions 3 DVD Set


And here's an interview with Bruce Bookman (6th degree black belt in Aikido, black belt in BJJ, founder of Tenzan Aikido in Seattle.

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