Cow Catch Em All by AJ Albert (On Demand)

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The Cow Catcher is a powerful but lesser known takedown in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world. Originating in catch wrestling, the Cow Catcher is a guillotine with an underhook and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Coming from a wrestling family, AJ Albert is well known in Southern California, having taught here for over 8 years under the tutelage of grappling luminaries such as Cleber Luciano, Erik Paulson, and Tim Cartmell.

AJ's simple yet detailed explanations will help convey the skills clearly and succinctly. Following a logical step by step approach, you'll see many different variations depending on opponent's reactions. In no time you too will be cow catching em all!


1) Intro
2) Posture and hand fighting
3) Cowcatcher from head to head level
4) Cowcatcher from head to chest level
5) Cowcatcher from snap down
6) Standing guillotine
7) From guillotine Defense
8) Gi snap down
9) Defeating the 2 on 1
10) From collar tie
11) From sprawl
12) Finish standing
13) Finish from front headlock
14) The rollover
15) Roll to darce
16) Pull the arm & anaconda roll
17) Anaconda sit
18) Farside armbar
19) Nearside armbar
20) Head scissors
21) Triangle
22) Counter with Darce
23) Arm in guillotine
24) Half guard cross choke
25) Brabo
26) Heel hook or ankle lock
27) Outro

Language: English or Japanese


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