Combat Hapkido Tactical Pressure Points Program Vol1 by Mark Gridley (On Demand)

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In this all new, state-of-the-art, instructional video series, Master Mark Gridley presents and clearly explains the use of Pressure Points in Self Defense. The Combat Hapkido "Tactical Pressure Points" program is the result of many years of study and research with the guidance and assistance of the World´s leading experts and it is based on sound, practical and modern Self Defense principles without the excessive complexity or the mystical hype of other pressure point systems. The Combat Hapkido "Tactical Pressure Points" course is widely used by Law Enforcement agencies around the World and can be integrated into any Martial Arts program. Volume 1 Apprentice Instructor Course. Volume 2 Associate Instructor Course. Volume 3 Instructor Course. Volume 4 Senior Instructor Course.


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