Kajukenbo Modern Concepts by Angel Garcia (On Demand)

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Sijo Emperado had always wanted to see his system evolve technically, for that reason he created Kajukenbo 50 years ago in Hawaii. With this video, Sigung GM Angel Garcia captures the results of this awesome challenge which he has had to face for such a long time, analyzing each movement, each position that conformed the structure of the techniques devised by Sijo, proving different formulation types, different concepts and specific work systems, in order to achieve in a simple and natural way with any student type without caring for their morphology, sex, or age, their assimilation capabilities, carrying out all type of technical work with speed, fluency, power and precision. We will study blocks and entrances against punches and kicks, technical defenses against different types of grabs, defenses against sticks and knife attacks, and a complete section centered on the art of Kali (basic principles, attack angles, blocks, disarms, etc.)


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