Fu Shih Kenpo with Raul Gutierrez (On Demand)

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During his 42 years of commitment to martial arts, his enthusiasm and his thirst for research led Raul Gutierrez to practice Judo, Karate, Kenpo, Kung-Fu, Tae-Kwon-Do, Full-Contact, and Kobudo, among others. Supported by 10 world titles, 2 United States Championships, 9 books, 17 DVDs, and participations in Films and Television, Raul Gutierrez made a technical purge of all his technical knowledge, and founded Fu-Shih Kenpo, "Tiger School". In this work, you will learn the basic combinations, the Octangle Theory, the first 10 Self-Defense techniques with their technical and tactical analysis, basic techniques for combat, Kata Dachi, The Tiger Defends, Twin Tigers and the Form of the Short Sticks, as well as free technical series.


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