Dynamic De La Riva with Michael Langhi (On Demand)

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2 time black belt world champion, Michael Langhi is one of the most

talented and detailed instructors on the planet. Known for his
incredible guard, he is also Cobrinha's first black belt. On this video,
Langhi teaches every detail of his dangerous DLR game including sweeps,
transitions to other guards, and submissions.

1 Intro
2 Basic concepts of DLR
3 DLR omoplata with collar & sleeve
4 DLR triangle with collar & sleeve
5 DLR to sit up guard collar drag sweep
6 DLR to sit up guard to single leg
7 DLR to shin to shin guard to the back
8 DLR balloon sweep
9 DLR sweep to the back
10 Combat base De la spider sweep
11 Combat base DLR sweep to omoplata
12 Lapella Riva technical stand up sweep
13 Lapella Riva sweep to the back
14 Lapella Riva berimbolo to leg drag
15 DLR cross grip omoplata
16 DLR cross grip omoplata to deep hook sweep
17 Lapella plata

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