Muay Thai Competition Training by Emilio Becker (On Demand)

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In this 2nd project, Emilio Becker, Muay Thai Master and one of the members of the European Committee of the World Muay Thai Council, presents us with the competition training methods that are practiced daily in the Thai camps. In order to obtain the maximum performance of their fighters, the Thai Masters utilize Paos, Makiwara, gloves, and stomach protection, and they work the hand-to-hand and sparring techniques. Some images, recorded in Thailand, illustrate the immense potential of this ancestral style and the daily life in the Thai training camps. Scenes of the Amateur European Muay Thai Championships are also included. This work is aimed at students and instructors, and it will be extremely useful to practitioners of Muay Thai, Full Contact, Kick-boxing, or any other contact sport.
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