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The Turtle Guard Revisited 2 DVD Set by Eduardo Telles

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Learn the secrets of the turtle guard from the world champion who has used it for decades to beat the best fighters on Earth!

It might sound completely nuts, but Eduardo Telles beats the best guys - from his hands and knees.

This is your opportunity to learn one of the most unorthodox systems in bjj.   This system will be unlike anything you have ever seen and you can use it to easily destroy all of your training partners.

Eduardo Telles is one of the trailblazers of sport jiu-jitsu, a true technician in modern grappling, and he is here giving everyone a new look into the position that he revolutionized. As one of the foremost masters of the guard, Eduardo Telles flows and attacks as good as anyone we have ever seen. Known for his unique brand of esquijitsu (‘weird’ jiu-jitsu), Eduardo has always fought his own unique style, and he has done it at the highest levels of the sport. Now, with decades of experience, one of grappling’s best coaches is here to break down the position he is best known for, turtle guard.


For most fighters, your offense ends once your guard is passed. Having someone behind you, in turtle, trying to attack the choke and flatten you out is time to panic, unless you know what to do from there. Eduardo Telles has spent years studying the turtle position, perfecting his offense and defense until he is nearly synonymous with the position. No matter what you re trying, he’s got an escape and a way to trap you tight. These aren’t parlor tricks that only work on white belt, he’s made a career of being a technical wizard, with solid technique that works on anyone.


Eduardo’s known throughout the grappling world for his ability to innovate and break down technique, and he was one of the first to recognize that your power doesn’t end just because your guard is passed. Instead, he used his new turtle guard strategy to be more aggressive from his back, unafraid to get his guard passed because he knew how to fight from there. That knowledge has now been collected like never before, and this four-volume turtle guard encyclopedia can be yours. The signature position of one of the most creative BJJ minds ever is knowledge that can level up any fighter, no matter your rank or goals.