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The Butterfly Half Guard 3 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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They will never see the sweep coming: this innovative and effective guard will blindside them. The half butterfly is the sneaky guard he'll never know he's in - until it's too late.  

Tom is a 3x winner of the ADCC Trials, he is a Masters World Champion in BJJ at Black Belt, Pan Black Belt Champ and has won basically everything else. Some of the hottest young grapplers today like Gordon Ryan and Gary Tonon (Tom’s First Black Belt) train with him often.  

Tom’s story goes like this…
He is a black belt under Ricardo Almeida, who is under Renzo Gracie. Tom not only is thicker than thieves with these two guys, he has direct access to the who’s who in the Jiu Jitsu world.
He’s earned it. He’s been on the scene a long time and a black belt for close to ten years.


Tom has the red carpet treatment at John Danaher’s classes. Garry Tonon brings him in for seminars. Jeff Glover and Dean Lister have had him in for seminars. Gordon Ryan drives over an hour to his school each week to train. Heck, random people fly across the world to New Jersey just to learn from Tom. 
In this video series Tom is going to let you in on one of his best kept secrets, his half butterfly system.  
The half butterfly is one of the most under utilized positions there is.  When people think of the half guard they think of the traditional half guard, the knee shield, the Z guard, and the deep half guard, everyone forgets about the half butterfly. Except for Tom.
The half butterfly is one of the best ways to produce leverage against the stronger and bigger guys, with the hybrid combination of a butterfly hook and half guard you are able to elevate your opponents with ease. 
The half butterfly is also one of the safest positions to play in gi and no gi when there are foot locks.  It maintains the most important principle needed to be safe: inside leg control. 
When you play the half butterfly you maintain inside leg control and it is next to impossible for your opponent to attack your legs. 
Tom has to have a guard like this because he is constantly rolling with the young up and coming savages like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, Nicky Ryan and the rest of the Danaher Death Squad.
This is his secret to being virtually impossible to leg lock.  Not only does this position allow him the safety of evading leg locks, he also has countless entries to different leg locks and leg entanglements like the saddle, the honey hole, ashi garami, outside ashi and more.