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Gringo Guard Passing 4 DVD Set by Jake MacKenzie

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Scientifically smash the guard – with precision… from the skinny Canadian kid who moved to Brazil & became a Brazilian national & masters world champion.


Jake MacKenzie threw himself into the shark tank in Brazil with a lot of younger, stronger, faster & hungrier kids – but he used his mind to come out on top: & he can teach you how to as well..


How do you go from being a skinny kid in a strange land to one of the toughest gringo black belts in Rio de Janiero? Just ask Jake Mackenzie, GFT instructor and one of the most decorated champions around.


Coming from humble Canadian beginnings, he moved to Brazil in his teens and began training, infiltrating some of the toughest teams with his technical style. He’s had the chance to learn from (and instruct) some of the best in the world, and he is back with us today to show how he handles one of grappling’s toughest tests: passing the guard.


Jake has a legitimate passing system, based on years of experimenting and studying his opponents strategies. Now, instead of getting stuck down in good guards, he’s got a reliable and efficient answer to some of grappling’s most frustrating problems. Nothing can make your training feel more painful and hopeless than constantly getting pulled deeper and deeper into a tricky guard, not sure how to take back control of the fight. Maybe you know a few passes, but what you do know doesn’t fit together the best ways, and you are left holding on and trying to survive. Now, that can be over, because Jake’s Gringo Passing system gives you a way to keep progressing through the guard.