Solo & Partner Grappling Drills for Rapid Movement 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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Learn the drills that helped shape the career of one of the most decorated American Grapplers ever and accelerate your progression through the ranks!


Tom DeBlass, after his many years as a competitive black belt and coach has come to a very important discovery on the mats: If you want to get better, it is way more important to drill and perfect the little things than it is to slap hands and fight hard all the time. If you can drill the right way, you can teach your body to fight and perform the right way, and no amount of simple sparring can help that. So now Tom, one of the most accomplished American grapplers ever and a BJJ Fanatics favorite, is rolling out his new 4-volume instructional series, Solo And Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement.


Each volume comes full of useful drills that you can do, anywhere or with anyone, to reach a new level faster than you ever have before. These are great movement-based exercises that you can use to warm up, flow roll, or do on your own time to stay active and engaged on your own. These are many of the same drills that Tom uses at his own academy, where he has trained such phenoms as Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon! Start using that warmup time to the fullest by really building those fundamental BJJ habits from the ground up.


These drills are made with a purpose, to teach your body how to connect positions and build those little details that have huge results. Each repetition we do on the mats brings us a little bit closer to perfecting a move, so getting the most out of each rep is huge. With years of experience, Tom walks you through each drill step-by-step, position by position. With activities here for your passing, guard, escapes, and submission attacks, this 4-volume set is a fully functional blueprint to more dynamic movement.


Tom has never once had his guard passed in competition even though he has faced some of the greatest grapplers of his generation. That’s because of hours of working on his fluid guard retention skills, using the same drills that he shows here. It’s a matter of creating space, keeping angles, and getting grips in the right order so that you always have a way to escape. You don’t need any flexibility or athleticism to learn the right way to pummel your legs back in for a butterfly guard, or how to move between single leg x and x guard for all the leg entanglements that are becoming a bigger and bigger part of BJJ. Tom’s half guard series alone is a great addition for anyone who wants to keep the pressure off and play an effective half guard game. Between proper pummeling, defenses to weaves, and ways to start adding in your own attacks, learn and work at your own pace with Tom’s helpful advice.