Invisible Leglocks 4 DVD Set by Warren Brooks

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Learn some of the weirdest, most creative leg locks that really work in BJJ with BJJ black belt and coach Warren Brooks, a leg locking master that has been developing his own unique and effective style of attacking the lower body from unexpected angles.

Now these leg locks from everywhere can be yours to fold into your game with this 4-volume instructional release. Instead of attacking the same straight ankle locks, toe holds, and kneebars that everyone else is, supercharge your leg attacks with these IBJJF legal joint locks.

Leg locks have been exploding in popularity lately in BJJ, thanks to world-level grapplers finding huge success with them against elite competition. Learn your own unique way of getting the tap from foot locks with Warren’s incredible system, built around his own signature crunches, folds, and twists that he has honed and perfected to an art at his own home gym.

Don’t miss out on what he’s been creating and see the newest generation of leg locks on this 4-volume release.

The most traditional leg locks in BJJ rely on controlling and stabilizing your opponent in an ashi garami and then finding your submission, but Warren’s system is totally different. Instead, he locks up his nontraditional footlocks during transitions and from positions where no one else attacks the foot, including from bad positions like bottom mount!

Warren Brooks’s leg lock game is around dangerous submissions that he can put on from a huge variety of positions, making him dangerous no matter where the fight is. One of the biggest keys to this style is his foot fold, a twisting foot lock that he doesn’t even use his hands to lock up!

Instead, his legs and thighs lock and pressure the joint past the point of comfort and all the way to the tap. The foot fold can be a game changing submission for your style, giving you an attack to hit from tons of dynamic and common positions.