Guard Passing Anthology: Half Guard 8 DVD Set by Lachlan Giles

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Learn how to pass and smash the half guard, one of BJJ’s most important positions, with one of our most detailed releases ever from Lachlan Giles.. Lachlan, head coach of Australia’s Absolute MMA, is a half guard master and one of the best no-gi technicians in the world, and he is here to share all of the knowledge, technique, and strategy he has around how to stay safe and progress through the half guard.

Lachlan is an IBJJF World No Gi Championships medalist, a Pan Pacific champion (gi and no gi, weight class and absolute), and a multiple time ADCC veteran, and he does it with a methodical, technical style that he has used to beat bigger, stronger opponents consistently. With 15 chapters across 8-volumes, this is a complete universe on understanding and breaking down the half guard.

From top, you are going to be forced to deal with half guard every time you want to fight from top, and having answers in every position is key. With the half guard becoming a more dynamic position all the time, you need to know what to do and have a system around positionally sound, fundamental attacks. Lachlan’s 8-volume release goes through every major variation of the half guard and how you can negate your opponent and work for the best submissions and passes available.

Lachlan goes position to position, explaining your opponent’s options, your defenses and counters, and the applied concepts that will determine if you win or lose the position. Develop this system from beginning to end, with how to force the half guard, pass, finalize the positions, and troubleshoot any problems you have along the way. Win every time from the knee shield, lockdown, reverse half guard, half butterfly, deep half guard, and more!

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