Doce Pares Multi Style System Vol 1 DVD by the Masters (Preowned)

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Valflex Productions presents Doce Pares Multi-System Eskrima Kali-Arnis DVD. Features 4 masters who join together and share their knowledge of the easy to learn methods of the Doce Pares Multi-Style system. This introductory DVD covers the basic stances, strikes for target points, basic defenses and blocks, how to use the Eskrima Sticks in your practice and execution of the various types of strikes, counter strikes, angles of strikes, twirling, and footwork drills. Starring: Master Percival 'Val' Pableo (8th degree black belt and 4 time full contact stick fighter world champion), Master Felix Porio Roiles (5th degree black belt and 2 time heavyweight world champion stick fighter (WEKAF) and founder of the Roiles Freestyle Martial Art and Thumbcat Freestyle Martial Art), Master Erwin 'Gunit' Mosqueda (7th degree black belt), and Master Tony 'Jun' Onas (5th degree black belt and founder of Eskrimador Academy).