Destroying The Lasso Guard 4 DVD Set by Gustavo Batista

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The Lasso Guard can be one of the most frustrating positions to pass.  If you are unfamiliar with it, it can seem like you are stuck and unable to move.  The position is not as complex as you might assume.  World Champion, European Champion, and Pan champion, Gustavo Batista actually loves when his opponents play lasso.  

Gustavo has developed a systematic approach to dominate and nullify the lasso and the spider guard.  If these are positions you suffer from losing to, this is your opportunity to learn how the best does it.  Gustavo is going to show you how to beat not only the single lasso, but the spider guard, lasso/spider guard, and double lasso.

So many people are often intimidated by positions such as the spider and lasso.  Especially beginners who are not familiar with the position yet.  It can be very difficult to nullify if you are not aware of a path to take.  Gustavo is here to give you a roadmap.  This is going to help you develop a path on how to destroy the lasso and spider. 

It may not be as difficult as you think. Gustavo starts by addressing the problem at hand, the grips, he will then show you how to use your opponent's position against them and get into passing positions you may already be familiar with.  Leg Drags, knee slices, pressure passes, stack passes and more.

Volume 1:

Basic spider guard pass 

Spider guard stack pass

Spider guard stack to leg drag 

Spider guard leg throw 

Spider guard leg drag

Spider guard knee slice

Spider guard leg split pass

Spider guard knee slice #2

Spider guard long step 

Spider guard step over leg drag

Volume 2:

Collar sleeve step over to hip switch

Spider with collar folding pass to mount 

Spider lasso torreando pass

Spider lasso knee slice

Spider lasso knee slice to head and arm control

Spider lasso knee slice #2

Spider lasso leg drag smash pass

Volume 3:

Double lasso knee slice

Double lasso folding pass

Collar lasso knee slice 

Collar lasso pass to mount

Collar lasso long step pass

Collar lasso folding pass

Volume 4:

Collar lasso pass to mount #2 

Lasso de la riva pass

Lasso de la riva to mount 

Lasso de la riva long step pass 

Collar lasso folding pass #2 

Collar lasso long step pass #2

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