Deep Half Guard Domination 4 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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Tom DeBlass’ jiu jitsu style is a perfect mix of old school and new school techniques.  With one foot in the old school no holds barred roots of Jiu Jitsu and the other foot equally rooted in the the new school techniques of the likes of his students Garry Tonon and Garry’s black belt Gordon “King” Ryan, Tom DeBlass game is about only the techniques that work!

Deep Half Guard is sometimes seen as a position where a smaller, weaker practitioner can stay safe and prevent their opponent from smashing them.  Tom DeBlass is going to completely change your MINDSET about Deep Half Guard and turn it into an OFFENSIVE position from which to attack.

This is Tom DeBlass’ complete Deep Half Guard game.  Building on the groundwork of his HALF DOMINATION and BUTTERFLY HALF GUARD series Tom DeBlass is going to show you all of his favorite entries into the position and the EASIEST way to reverse your opponent and go on the attack! 

There is absolutely NO FILLER in the FOUR VOLUMES of DEEP HALF DOMINATION from Tom DeBlass.  If you are brand new to the position, he’s going to show you how to get there WITH EASE! Your opponent is not just gonna passively wait for you to set up your DEEP HALF game, so Tom is going to give you every possible attack that you might face and show you how to DOMINATE and DEFEND.  The first time you watch any of these techniques, you’ll be able to walk on the mats and start entering the DEEP HALF GUARD and reversing with ease.

Imagine the confidence you will have knowing that no one can smash you or submit you using Tom’s DEEP HALF GUARD game!  He is literally going to save you YEARS of trial and error. Why spend endless rounds running into brick walls when Tom DeBlass has already done the work for you and honed his game against the likes of OG’s like Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, while continuing to battle with the young guns like Garry Tonon and the King, Gordon Ryan?

This is Tom DeBlass’ complete DEEP HALF GUARD game.  It’s his greatest hits. ONLY the stuff that works! He’s going to give you entries, the best sweeps and also what to do when your opponents try to put you in their DEEP HALF GUARD!  Yes, that’s right. To DOMINATE from a position, Tom always says, you need to be able to CRUSH that position!

This DVD is perfect for the grappler at ANY level and you don’t need any crazy athleticism.  Yes, DeBlass is a monster on the mats, but his instruction and techniques can make ANYONE a DEEP HALF GUARD dominator!  Oh and we almost forgot to mention—these techniques are extremely applicable in the Gi as well!

Vol 1:

Intro and Entry 1 to Deep Half

Entry to Deep Half From Knee Slice 

Deep Half Reversal when Giving Up The Underhook

Kimura Escape From Deep Half Guard to Reversal 1, 2, & 3 (when your Partner Steps over the head) 

Waiter Sweep - Waiter Sweep To Leg Lock - Waiter Sweep to Modified X-Guard 

Lock down to Deep Half to Reversal

Vol 2:

Deep Half Guard to Back Door Reversal

Deep Half Guard Lower Leg Reversal 

Deep Half Guard Leg Trap Reversal 

Deep Half Choke Defense to Reversal 

Live Rolling

Vol 3:

When PArtner Collapses Shield, Transition to Deep Half 

Failed Single Leg to Deep Half Guard Pull 

Near Side Underhook Deep Half Guard Entry 

Defending Deep Half Guard by Clearing Knee Line 

Deep Half Guard Defense - Step Back 

Step Over Deep Half Guard Pass

Deep Half Guard Lapel Grip 

Near Side Pant Grip to Inversion and Back Take

Vol 4:

Recovering Deep Half When Underhooked into Reversal

Cross Collar Grip to Deep Half Guard Entry 

2 on 1 to Deep Half Entry

De La Riva to Deep Half Guard Entry 


Bonus Live Roll

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