BJJ Takedown Combinations 3 DVD Set by Vagner Rocha

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When you can take down and control your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them stunned and confused.

Vagner Rocha's BJJ Takedown Combos opens up a menu of setups and takedowns that keep you safe from getting sprawled on or end up in a bad position.

His setups and takedowns are so savage it even works on more experienced grapplers and even people with a wrestling background.

Right now you can get this full system for the first time ever revealed in this special launch bonus limited time opportunity.

Hi, my name is Vagner Rocha and I am a 3 time Abu Dhabi Trials Champion, ADCC Silver Medalist, Multiple time EBI Finalist, Combat Jiu Jitsu Champion, and UFC Veteran. I started training in Jiu Jitsu over 20 years ago under Jorge and Pablo Popovitch.

Over the last 4 years I have been staying super busy on the competition scene facing some of the best grapplers in the world...
What I noticed is some of the best guys out there that win everything all had great takedowns and takedown defense!
I used to pull guard and half guard a lot and then found myself losing matches on an advantage or a near pass!
When you can get the takedown and get those first 2 changes the whole dynamic of match!

I had to develop a system that I could use to get better wrestlers than myself to the ground and then keep them there!

When studying takedowns I noticed that the people teaching it were just showing the actual takedowns!
But I quickly realized that the SETUP was just as important to get yourself in a position to get the takedown!
Then I noticed that even with a perfect setup and a great takedown, opponents were getting right back to their feet quickly!
You see this often in MMA and in BJJ Competition (ADCC)!
So I knew I needed to add a step after the takedown and show a followup transition on the ground to keep them down and even transition to a dominant position!
I have now perfected the system over the past 3-4 years and am ready to share it with the world!

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