Asayama Ichiden Ryu Hyoho DVD by Nobuhide Seki

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Comprehensive kobudo based on battlefield technology!

Asayama Ichiden Ryu was a major school in the Edo period that boasted some 7,000 students!  The characteristic of this school of swordsmanship is that it retains the armored fighting arts. It is based on the stance and footwork derived from the battlefield and the techniques that assumes the opponents are wearing armor.

This techniques of this school were also adopted by the Japanese police during the Meiji era. Currently, various martial arts forms such as sword, jo, hanbo, iai, kama and others are handed down.

In this DVD, 22nd generation soke, Nobuhide Seki carefully explains many practical techniques of the school.

Nobuhide Seki is not only limited to kobudo. He has won both the All Japan Iaido tournament and the All Japan Jodo tournaments many times and is a solid 5th dan Kendkoka.

Therefore, the instruction on this DVD is not only theory, but they have also been tested in competition.

Language: Japanese 

Run Time: 53 min.