Viet Vo Dao Long staff Vol 2 Quyen Tu Tuong Con Phap Form & Applications DVD with Patrick Levet

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In this new DVD of Vovinam, Patrick Levet has wanted to show the facets of the use and handling of the Vietnamese Stick. Although little known, the Vietnamese long stick is, without a doubt, the most important weapon among all the weapons of the traditional Martial Arts of Vietnam. The Vovinam school, in its official program, only proposes the Stick Form (Tu Tuong Con Phap) and the counterattacks of stick vs. stick (Phan The Con), without explaining the intermediate movements. But the Vietnamese stick goes far beyond these two facets and Master Levet offers us 2 detailed DVDs on all the applications of the numerous intermediate movements of the Stick Quyen. This first volume includes a series of specific stick warming up and bodybuilding exercises, the guard, fundamental principles, stylistic handling of the weapon, defense against disarmament, blocking and dodging, displacements, as well as combat techniques. An original work that shows for the first time the Vietnamese stick in a complete and exhaustive way.

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Portugues