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The Pillars of Mount Dominance 4 DVD Set by Stephen Whittier

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Many grapplers prefer side control to mount because they believe the mount position is harder to maintain and attack from with submissions. No more! In this series, 3rd degree black belt and 40 Plus BJJ creator, Stephen Whittier, shows you why the mount is the most dominant position in grappling - taking you step-by-step through positional maintenance, the little known details to break down your opponent's defenses, and how to get the finish while using minimum energy.

DVD 1:
Intro & philosophy
Low mount positional overview
Denying connection for your opponents bridge
High mount positional overview
Positional maintenance: Defense vs pushing on chest
Defense vs push to the side
Defense vs push on knee
Defending the arm trap
Bridge & roll counter: Dragon walk
Bridge & roll counter: Switch to side mount

DVD 2:
Avoiding the leg trap
Elbow escape counters
Prybar counter
Elbow frame release when foot is trapped
Arm trap vs low mount elbow escape
The "Evil Dead" hand
Counters when opponent throws legs up
Elbow defense to block feet out
Defense to feet in front of the body
Armbar counter to feet in armpits
Low mount control & using the crossface

DVD 3:
Isolating one side & feeding the arm triangle
Finishing the arm triangle
Additional details on the choke
Overview of chokes & strategy from low mount
Vertical fist choke
Ezekiel choke
The no gi ezekiel
Controlling the high mount
High mount attacking strategy & americana

DVD 4:
Americana Q & A
Strategy for getting & controlling the cross collar grip
Isolating the arm the opponent defends the grip
Setting up & finishing the X-choke (second hand under)
X-Choke with second hand over
Breaking down defenses & securing the choke
Additional details & transitioning to side mount
Setting up the arm bar
Getting the arm bar as your opponent rolls
Side mount to X-choke
Cycling & combining your attacks
The fundamentals self defense arm bar

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