Japanese Swordsmanship "Muso Shinden Ryu-Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Comparison Series 1 DVD by Roger Wehrhahn

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This 2 disc DVD lesson series covers bothmajor styles, all 3 levels in one place! There will be a total of 12 lessons in the series. The entire series will have over 146 kata!! Each month I will produce the next addition to the series until it is finished. Lesson 1 is almost 3 hours long with 54 chapters for your viewing convenience and ease of learning! There are a total of 14 sword kata in this lesson and 6 bokken applications. There are applications for each kata and in some cases multiple applications! 
For any of you that are having problems kneeling or just getting up and down from the floor, ALL the seated kata are also taught from the standing position! 
So if you ever wanted to study the sword but thought that you couldn’t, here is your opportunity!
This is not just a demonstration of the kata, one after another, of both styles! This is an instructional series, taught by Roger Wehrhahn, covering the complete kata of the Muso Shinden Ryu with a comparison look at its’ Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu counterpart. Each kata is shown step by step, while exploring and explaining the similarities and the differences between the two styles.
As an added bonus, the kata Ugoki Tsuzukeru Katana (the continuous flowing sword) is included in the study. This standing kata is a 35 move kata with multiple blocks and counters executed in several different directions. The kata is presented systematically each month adding section by section. First the moves, next the applications individually and then the applications connected in a 2 man bokken drill.
Ugoki Tsuzukeru Katana is a great training kata as well as an exciting competition or demonstration kata!

The entire series will contain:
1. Complete step by step instruction of all 43 Traditional Kata in the MSR-MJER for a total of 86 kata along with 60 standing variations for the seated katatotaling 146 kata combined!
2. Comparison, Kata by Kata, of these 2 major styles
3. As an added bonus, the 35 step kata Ugoki Tsuzukeru Katana (the continuous flowing sword) is included in the study. Multiple applications individually then a 2 man drill of the entire Kata connected!