Fu Shih Kenpo Vol 2 Tiger Forms & Self Defense DVD by Raul Gutierrez

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This new work on Fu-Shih Kenpo by Soke Raul Gutierrez is centered on the traditional forms of the style, their applications and self defence. We will have a deeper insight into the form "The Tiger Defends Himself", with each of the corresponding technical applications, the form "Tiger Teeth", and a special work on weapons. Then the Master will explain in detail the extense series of advance techniques on self defence, indicating the whys of certain movements, the necesary precautions to take into account, possible angles and the variations that could be applied in each technical group. The DVD completes itself with a series of combat techniques for competition and conditioning work. where Master Gutierrez explains how to prepare oneself physically with the use of weapons, arms and leg conditioning, self defence preparation and for combat. Without any doubt this work is rich in knowledge based on the exchange and coordination of different styles and how to learn to respect the differences from each source of works.  

- Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français