Magic Mat Work 8 DVD Set with Hudson Taylor

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After a career that led him to National Prep glory and NCAA podiums, Hudson Taylor is now joining with Fanatic Wrestling to show the mat work and match management that led him to being one of the top-10 NCAA pin leaders of ALL TIME.

In this new 8-volume instructional series, Hudson goes through every detail you’ll ever need to pin at the highest levels of the sport. The former Terrapin brings an incredible wealth of knowledge for the viewers, including the signature moves that he used on everyone as a Maryland Terrapin All-American AND the turns that he has invented himself!

No matter how you prefer to ride on top, there is a highly detailed system here that gives you combinations of moves that you can keep cycling through, always chain wrestling while you work from referee’s position. Whether it’s cradles, tilts, half nelsons, or with boots in, build out your skill set and start picking up back points asap with Hudson’s help.

Once that’s done, change it up and see how to get out from bottom every single time like the elite D1 guys, using only a few simple adjustments to the nation’s most common stand ups and escapes. You can build from a novice to the top of the podium using the drills, techniques, and combos on all 8 volumes of this series.

With insight that is rare to get from someone as prolific and successful as Hudson, you can learn the way he looks at a wrestling match, breaking it down into phases and basic positions that go way past the simple top/bottom/neutral.

Through his lifelong dedication to studying the sport as both a wrestler AND a D1 Ivy League coach, he has identified 8 separate positions that all work together to dictate who will win and who will lose, and once you know them you can start building around this.

Not only that, Hudson also goes into detail about exactly how he plans his in-match strategy, and what every wrestler should be thinking from top and bottom as they are competing and practicing. This kind of wisdom doesn’t come around often, don’t miss it while it’s here!

If you can dominate on the mat, you can win any match, and this 8-volume mega series is a blueprint on how to ride, turn, pin, escape, and reverse using solid fundamentals and technical attacks.

From his time as a Blair Academy champion to today, he’s been tweaking and perfecting these moves, including the dreaded Blair Academy wrist ride and the move he used so often to pin top-10 college guys that he started calling it “The Moneymaker”.

Now, in his coaching career, he’s focused on expanding the sport as much as he can, and that includes a full chapter on all of the cutting edge and experimental moves that you can add into your game and leave people scratching their heads.

On bottom, mentality matters more than moves, and you can get the mentality that must be instilled in every successful wrestler from Hudson’s philosophy on escaping and reversing.

After showing the cleanest, most efficient ways to get out or get back on top, he shows you exactly how to troubleshoot against the most common pinning combinations that you’ll see, so you can stay a step ahead all the time. With a few simple movements and drills that you can use to always be able to create space, you can stop being ridden out facedown for an entire period.