Authentic Pressure Points DVD 3: Pressure Point Knockouts Simple Attacks DVD by Scott Rogers

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AUTHENTIC PRESSURE POINTS with MASTER SCOTT ROGERS Proven Kyushojutsu techniques that will disable any attacker regardless of martial arts discipline. Taught from hands on experience not theory.

Scott Rogers is a 4th Dan Black Belt Master Rank in Okinawan Kempo and an expert in Kyushojutsu. He has also attained a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Korean Taekwondo, 1st Dan Black Belt in Japanese Taijutsu. He has also cross-trained in several other arts most notably Western Boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has studied under several 9th and10th degree Grandmasters most notably George A Dillman (Ryukyu Kempo) and Suh Chong Kang (Taekwondo)

Learn real street-worthy self-defense against common simple attacks ranging from grabbing to choking. All techniques are shown from multiple angles and are broken down into their components which will allow you to easily master them with a bit of practice. All techniques will end in the knockout of your opponent and real knockout footage of the points in action will be included.

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