100 Submission Arts DVD by Hidetaka Aso

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Hidetaka Aso is one of the most innovative grapplers in the world and in this 130 minute DVD he shares 100 of his best submissions!

Submission Art Demonstrations

This is a Region 2 dvd

  • Facelock
  • Necklock
  • Chokes -Sparring
    -Naked choke
    -Triangle choke
  • Shoulder and arm locks
    -Armpit lock
    -Arm lock variation
    -Arm bar from mount
    -Juji gatame
    -Standing arm bar
  • Ribs and hip locks
    -Body lock
    -Dead lock
    -Elbow lock
    -Grand cobra
  • Elbow and leg locks
    -Elbow lock
    -Achilles heel lock
    -Ankle lock
  • Variations
  • Sports Jujutsu
    -Meaning of sports jujutsu
    -Variations of locks
    -Standing locks
    -Standing arm bars
  • Training
    -Muscle training exercises
    -Stamina building exercises
    -Strengthening your body
    -Exercises for ground techniques
    -Training for standing techniques
  • Submission Arts wrestling techniques

Note this is a region 2 DVD. Check compatibility before purchasing.

Language: Japanese

Length: 130 min.