Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks 4 DVD Set by Craig Jones

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 Craig is one of the best no-gi technicians in the world, and he has some of the most effective and devastating heel hooks on the planet. In this brand-new release, see how Craig has evolved his leg lock system over the last few years to stay one step ahead of the competition with brand new attacks, escapes, and counters. 

In addition to the most cutting edge ashi garami techniques, Craig puts his game to the test and rolls for forty minutes straight with new people, before going back over the footage and breaking down his techniques and strategies.

Leg locks are a systematic way to break down and tap out anyone, even guys who are bigger, stronger, faster, or more experienced. Attacking the heel and getting the submission is all about who knows more about attacking and defending the position, and you can get the newest and most-updated info on the market here with Craig.

Since his breakthrough performance at the 2017 ADCC, Craig has been known as one of the best leg lockers on the planet and since then he has been busy perfecting his game around attacking the heel hook and finishing the fight. 

Learn how to expose the heel and attack the inside heel hook against defensive opponents, and how you can transition your ashi garami into a dynamic back take to double your threats.

Also update your heel hook defense with the defenses that really work and the back takes that guys like Craig Jones and Felipe Pena have used to huge effect in no-gi grappling.

Craig also breaks down how to win one of the trickiest positions in all of no-gi, the 50/50 guard. Work for your heel exposure and attack the submissions you want without putting yourself in danger, even from this back-and-forth position.

Craig’s leg lock system is bulletproof, with attacks and counters from any position, and he regularly heel hooks world class black belts. Now, you can hop inside the mind of Craig Jones and hear what he is thinking and feeling while he rolls against over half a dozen competitors back-to-back.

We filmed each match and then Craig narrates over it, showing the setups, traps, and attacks he is taking in real time. By learning how he is applying each move together, you can start to build your own game around these same effective combinations.