Ripped in 12 Weeks: Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness Book & 2 DVD Set by Tom DeBlass

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“How To Lose Those Last 20 Lbs (or so) & Look Like A Jacked Professional Athlete Without Ever Lifting Weights Or Taking Steroids & Always Feeling Full – In Just 12 Weeks”

Tom DeBlass is one of the most trusted & highly regarded figures in BJJ.He has won the ADCC Trials 3x as a competitor, he has won the No Gi Worlds at Black Belt Masters, and he has had monumental back and forth super fights with some of the best no gi warriors on the planet; guys like Joao Assis & Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.. He has a thriving school with over 300 students in New Jersey which some of the best fighters in the planet travel to -in order to train with him and seek his counsel. In addition he coaches one of the best teams in the country, his seminar schedule is booked 2 years out and he is unmatched in performing the job he cares most about by a mile - being a wonderful husband and a great dad to his 2 small children.

Tom Has An Amazing System - Tom is a bright guy - he had a learning disability growing up and he decided to go to college to help kids overcome their disabilities just as he had. Before becoming a Grappling and MMA star his job was teaching special education classes. He's not a quick learner, so he needs to go deep into subjects to learn them. But once he's studied much deeper than many ever would, he has a deeper knowledge than most anyone else. He learned what his enemy was - carb addiction.  

So what does Tom DeBlass' Ripped In 12 Weeks - The Never Hungry, Intermittent Fasting Routine & Easy Bodyweight Exercise Plan That Will Change Your Body & Life include? 
Tom’s Full Diet Program in Ebook form: 
-cooking and lecture videos where Tom and his personal chef (name) take you through the ins and outs of several staple meals for him. How to cook them, what is in them, why he eats them.. 
-diet program – logs so you can map out meals for each time slot, each day