Intro to Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu DVD by Takahisa Tomita

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Basic principles and basic movement of Hida Shiki Kyoken Jutsu.The method of health founded by Harumichi Hida brought about a great boom from the Taisho through the Showa periods,and was adopted by many people.Even today,people who know this call it ''the ultimate method of training the mind and body''.People are focussing their attention on Japan's original method of body movement,which modern people have had a tendency to forget.

Three Factors of Real Health
Naizo Soren Ho (Exercise of the Internal Organs)
Jun Shizen Tai Kyuyo Shisei
Seisoku Choko Ho
Fuku Kyo Ken Shiki Naizo Soren Ho
Yo Fuku Shiki Kokyu Ho
正中心鍛錬法の基本原理 Basic Theory of Sei Chushin Tanren Ho
 正中心の位置 Position of Sei Chushin
 身体の虚実 Truth and Falsehood of the Body
 基本姿勢の取り方 Basic Positions
 腰腹式呼吸(立位) Yo Fuku Shiki Kokyu (Standing position)
簡易強健術の動作 Movement of Kan-i Kyoken Jutsu
 身体の使い方と原則 Use and Principles of the Body 
 上腕二頭筋練修法 Renshu Ho (Training) of Biceps
 斜腹筋練修法 Renshu Ho (Training) of the Oblique Abdominal Muscles
 腓腹筋練修法 Renshu Ho (Training) of the Calf Muscles
 三骨軽打法 San Kotsu Keida Ho (Three Bone Hitting)
簡易強健術の練修 Renshu (Training) of Kan-i Kyoken Jutsu

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 70 min.