Escapes From Anywhere 4 DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

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When Bernardo is on the mat, he flows very loosely. While he never wants to get into a bad position - he knows it can happen. When he fought Braulio Estima at the World Championships in 2014 - he fell victim to 2 of Braulio’s sweeps. Braulio is one of the best fighters of all time but if you watch the tape - as Bernardo was being swept for a second time and now losing halfway through the match - he wasn’t worried and he wasn’t panicking. He knew he would escape and get back to a good position. When he landed on his back he was down 4-2. He ended up winning 26-4. When you are good at escapes the match is never “over” until it is over.

On this 4 DVD Set, Bernardo empties his mind on escaping from any position. This is the exact recipe he uses. He likes deep half guard and many of the escapes end up there, but even if you don’t love that position, this set will still help you to escape from anywhere.

DVD 1:

Mount Escape Principles 

Elbow Escape From Mount

High Mount Escape

Escape From Mount to Deep Half Guard

Escape From Mount With an Underhook to Deep Half Guard

Bridge Mount Escape

Bridge From Under Mount to Elbow Escape

Escape From Mount to One Leg x Guard

Counter to the Elbow Escape

Back Escape Principles

Basic Escape from Back Mount to Z Guard

Back Escape to Half Guard

DVD 2:

Back Escape To Deep Half Guard

Body Triangle Escape

Back Choke Escape

Preventing Opponents' Leg To Trap Your Arm While In Back Control

Turtle Escape Principles

Basic Turtle Escape

Turtle Escape

Rolling Escape From Turtle With One Hook In

Side Control Escape Principles

Basic Side Control Escape

Side Control Escape To Single Leg

Side Control Escape To Deep Half Guard

DVD 3:

Side Control Escape ROlling The Opponent To North South

Side Control Escape When Opponent Has Both Hands On One Side

100 Kilo Position Escape

Side Control Escape From Torriando

Side Control Rolling Away From Opponent

North South Escape

Knee Bar From Over / Under Brother

North South Escape Opponent Has Both Arms Over

North South Escape When Opponent Has Over/Under

Kimura Escape From Deep Half Guard

Kimura Escape From Deep Deep Half Guard

Darce/Arm Triangle Escape

DVD 4:

Avoiding The Straight Arm Bar From Closed Guard

Basic Arm Bar Escape when The Opponent Break The Grip

Arm Bar Escape Stacking

Arm Lock Escape To Deep Half

Triangle Escape

Omoplata Escape

Omoplata Escape With Knee On Belly

Guillotine Escape

Arm in Arm Out Guillotine Escape

Escape from Closed Guard Guillotine

Straight Foot Lock Escape

Choke Escape

Kimura Escape From Over Under Pass


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