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The 2008 worlds was probably one of the more memorable BJJ events I've had the privilege of not only shooting but it was also the first year we made a DVD for this historic event. If you recall, this was the year that Andre Galvao showed the world that he was just as good a break dancer as he was a BJJ player. Roger Gracie was submitting everyone with cross chokes and we were able to see the black belt debut of two amazing individuals in BJJ; Kron Gracie and now UFC and MMA veteran, Sergio Moraes. Leading up to...

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On today's episode of TWIBJJ, I talk about: - Q5 contest winner! -Caulicure - the new cauliflower ear solution! Then there's an interview with Giva "the Arm Collector" Santana where he talks about: -Lotus Club BJJ -Why swearing when you get submitted or swept in class is the worst thing you can do. -Why he prefers armbars over chokes (particularly in MMA) Here's the video: In part 2, Giva goes over a really nice half guard sequence.  This unique half guard position has been referred to as "De la Giva" Guard:  And in case that left you craving for more,...

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On today's episode of This Week in BJJ we have a lot of news and an interview with my friend and lifelong martial artist - Bruce Bookman. Part 1 covers the news: Updated rules from the IBJJF! Here are the main rules I talked about: -1.2.2 - When deemed necessary, the IBJJF will use two additional referees with access to video replay for the correction of awarded points, advantages or penalties on the scoreboard. -5.8.4 - No advantages will be awarded for sweeps that start and end in a 50/50 guard -6.3.2 - The suplex movements that will project or...

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