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The top 5 instructionals for the beginnger BJJ student.

19 April, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

The beginning BJJ student can easily get overwhelmed with the vast amount of techniques and terminology needed to understand the art. Here are 5 instructionals that we think any beginning student would greatly benefit from:

Top 5 Half Guard Videos for the Modern BJJ Practitioner

13 April, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Next to the closed guard, the half guard is one of the most widely used guards in BJJ. When implemented properly, you can sweep, submit and take the back of almost any opponent. Below is our list of the top 5 Half Guard players and their respective instructionals.

1. 111 Half Guard Techniques 3 DVD Set with Caio Terra

Multiple time world champion Caio Terra is here to revolutionize your half guard! This voluminous 3 DVD set contains 111 half guard techniques taught from one of the most technical players in all of BJJ.

Caio Terra 111 Half Guard DVD BJJ

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2. The Coyote Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Lucas Leite

Lucas Leite's half guard is legendary in High Level BJJ. He's often seeing competing in the biggest events 2 weight classes higher than his own weight and implementing the very techniques he shows in this long awaited DVD set.

The coyote Half Guard Lucas Leite

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3. Battle Tested Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

Watch any Bernardo Faria match and you'll see him employ one of the most devastating half guards in BJJ against literally the toughest opponents in BJJ. Bernardo shows you how to properly set up the half guard, sweep from various passes and positions and as well as sparring footage.

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4. Jeff Glover's Deep Half Guard 6 Volume DVD Set

Nothing feels better than getting to deep half guard and sweeping your opponent just when he thinks he's got you smashed and thinks he's passing. Jeff is a master at this and on this 6 volume set, Jeff breaks down his complete deep half guard game.

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5. Reverse Half Guard by Philipe Della Monica

The Reverse Half Guard is a position that few BJJ practitioners are comfortable being in. In this first ever instructional set devoted to the Reverse Half Guard, Philipe shows how to get into the position, how to sweep, and how to get the submission.

Reverse half guard DVD by Philipe Della Monica BJJ

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6 Top Selling Modern Jiujitsu DVDs

26 January, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

What is modern Jiujitsu? Stated simply, it's all a combination of movements and guards that weren't commonly seen until recent years. The beauty of Jiujitsu is that it's constantly evolving. That doesn't mean that "traditional Jiujitsu" is no longer effective, it certainly is. But the new, modern Jiujitsu is effective as well. So let's take a look at 6 top selling modern Jiujitsu instructionals:

1. Going Upside Down by Budo Jake Inversions is a core movement of modern Jiujitsu but it's one that is often glossed over in other instructionals. Budo Jake takes great care to show all of the components of proper inverting including many concepts, drills, & precautions.

Get it to on DVD Watch now (LINK TO OD) 2. Worm Guard by Keenan Cornelius Despite his youth, Keenan stormed on the scene and has taken out many of the top journeymen of the sport. Much of his success has come from his own innovation, mainly his crafty Worm Guard in which he uses his opponents lapel against him.

Get it on DVD 3. Lasso Guard by Samir Chantre The lasso guard is a system of many different configurations and Samir is exactly the man to break it all down for you. From lasso X to Lasso De la Riva to Lasso half. Upgrade your open guard and Lasso guard with this comprehensive instructional.

Get it on DVD 4. Guard Passing by Terere Many consider Terere to be the father of modern Jiujitsu. Having taught legends of the sport - Cobrinha & Andre Galvão, in this set you'll see the core concepts of the modern passing system, most notably the backstep pass.

Get it on DVD Watch now 5. The Original Berimbolo by Samuel Braga The most famous sweep of "modern Jiujitsu" is the berimbolo and Samuel Braga breaks down all the important details and shows many different variations.

Get it on DVD Watch now 6. Berimbolo Killer by Queixinho It's only a matter of time before your come across someone who berimbolos better than you. That's why you need Queixinho to show all the best ways to shut down and counter your opponents sweep attempts.

Get it on DVD Watch now

BJJ Tournament Tips From Seasoned Referees and White Belts

04 October, 2016 1 comments Leave a comment

Everyone has to start somewhere when they are wanting to compete, so once you have honed your skills as best you can and have your white belt safely secured, the next progression is to try and prepare yourself for your first BJJ Tournament.

You can take a look at a list of the best BJJ Tournaments around so that you might be able to target where and when you might want to compete. It also makes sense to try and pick up some useful tips and advice from seasoned referees and competitors, who could give you some valuable insights into what to expect from the moment you confirm your entry.


Preparation is key

You want to try and get the best possible experience from competing in your first tournament, so the ideal approach is to give yourself somewhere between six and eight weeks in order to allow adequate opportunity to prepare as well as you can for the event.

It is perfectly understandable that you are going to be apprehensive and slightly nervous about the prospect of putting yourself under the scrutiny of a tournament environment, so it would not be that advisable to throw yourself into the deep end and enter yourself into a competition where you have not allowed an adequate amount of time to prepare as fully as possible.

Understanding weight classes

It would always be a good idea to liaise with your regular coach regarding what weight class you wish to compete in.

It should be pointed out that the weight classes represent the upper limits of each category rather than the bottom. Make enquiries to establish whether the specific rules for that tournament dictate if the weigh-in is just prior to the match itself, the day before, or when you arrive on the morning of the event.

This is highly relevant, as the timing of the weigh-in could affect whether you make the weight category limit, as these timings can make a difference of anything between three and five pounds in your weight. 

Depending on the information you get about the weigh-in procedure and timings, you can then decide if you need to consider entering a dropping down a weight class, to avoid any problems.


Every good competitor has a game plan that they are going to work to during the competition, so make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of having a positive experience, by formulating a basic game plan.

It is essential that you try to be well-drilled and practiced in basic techniques like rolling and sparring, as well as working on a few go-to escape moves from bad positions, that you can put into action during the match, without losing valuable momentum and points.

Talk to your regular coach about how to build a basic game plan that incorporates a series of escape moves, as well as practicing your takedown and guard pull from a standing position. 

Remember that you may well be competing in as many as five matches in a relatively short space of time, so work on ways to conserve your energy, which can be done more easily when you have a basic game plan that allows your moves to flow as naturally as possible.

Consider your training schedule

Many sports competitors develop a schedule that allows them to peak at just the right time, and this is something you want to try to do so that you are primed on the day for your chosen competition.

This is an area where your coaches and training partners can give you some guidance and assistance in preparing for your competitive experience.

Have a conversation with your coaches about your current training schedule and try to evaluate whether you need to step it up and gradually increase the amount of time you are spending on the mat each week, building up to the optimum point where you are able to peak at just the right time.

Learning the referee commands

There are four fundamental commands from the referee that you need to familiarize yourself with, so that you can respond in the appropriate manner during the heat of competition.

Combatche is the command to stop or start the fight. Parou simply means stop and don’t move, which is generally called when standup goes out of bounds. Lutche is a stalling penalty and Falta is a relatively new command which is used when a penalty is awarded.

It is always going to be a challenge to get tournament-ready but if you prepare as well as you can and heed the advice of coaches and referees who are familiar with what is required, you should give yourself the best chance of enjoying your competitive experience.

Ellie Wallis became interested in martial arts as a child, and hasn't stopped as an adult, even taking on the role of referee at kids tournaments on occasion. She writes about BJJ hoping to encourage others to give it a try!

This Week in BJJ Episode 95 with Cesar Gracie black belt, Jason Manly

25 November, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Budo Jake welcomes Cesar Gracie black belt, Jason Manly to the studio this week. Jason is focuses his efforts on teaching and training MMA in the Orange County area. In the technique portion of the show, Jason shows one of his favorite counters when your opponent switches to reverse half guard when trying to pass. Please enjoy and leave a comment and subscribe. 

Featured products this week:


BJJ Escapes by Bernardo Faria

ADCC 2015 Complete DVD set

Defense Soap Healing Salve

Don't forget to catch EBI 5, broadcasting live right here on Budovideos.com



TWIBJJ 91 with Tyler Bishop & Sarah Black!

15 October, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

On today's episode of This Week in BJJ:

Respect 2 Live PPV on Oct 17th!

16 superfights including Gianni Grippo vs Jeff Curran and Megaton vs Chris Haueter!

Watch live at budovideos.com/respect2

Another great event, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam is on Oct 18th:

Watch the Grand Slam live at budovideos.com/grandslam

New instructionals this week include Matt Baker's 2 excellent videos now available On Demand:

Jiu-jitsu Lab Vol 1: Science of the Sitting Guard

Jiu-jitsu Lab Vol 2: Taking the Back & Sitting Guard Recovery

Also on today's show, Gracie Humaita black belt Tyler Bishop comes on to talk about what's going down at this weekend's Respect 2 BJJ event.

After that, 2015 black belt masters worlds champ Sarah Black comes on and we chat about:

-Her judo career

-Adapting Judo to BJJ

-Teaching women and children and Gustavo Dantas' academy

-BJJ mental coaching

Lastly, Sarah shows amazing ways she has adapted her Judo for BJJ. Don't miss these sweet throws!

TWIBJJ 87 with Red Belt Flavio Behring

11 September, 2015 1 comments Leave a comment

Today's episode of This Week in BJJ is a very special one! This marks my first interview with a BJJ red belt. Flavio has been training for almost 70 years! He shares some amazing stories of training with Helio Gracie before the first Gracie academy was even built.

At the age of 78, professor Behring still spends 9 months out of the year traveling and sharing his knowledge all over the globe.

It was truly an honor to get to know Flavio Behring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Here's part 1:

Here's part 2:


And here's the last part:

TWIBJJ 86 with Atos Black Belt Tim Sledd

19 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Topics on today's show are:

A recap of EBI 4.

The replay is available right here until the end of the month.

ADCC 2015 will be streaming live from Brazil on Aug 29 & 30th right here.

My special guest is Tim Sledd - an interesting man who left behind his well-paying high stress job to follow his jiu-jitsu dreams.

Here's part 1:


And here's part 2:

TWIBJJ 85 with Geo Martinez

12 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

Today's guest on This Week in BJJ is 10th Planet Black Belt Geo Martinez. Geo has been hitting the competitions hard in the past couple of years winning EBI 1, EBI 2 and he recently submitted all of his opponents at the ADCC trials earning him a spot to compete at the ADCC 2015 world championships.

But before that, the news topics are:

-My new Vlog series on YouTube

-EBI 4 hits downtown LA this Saturday 8/15 and will be LIVE online, right here on budovideos.com

-The ADCC 2015 World Championships PPV will be LIVE on 8/29 & 8/30.

The 2 new products for this week are:


Damage Control custom mouthguards. You really should be wearing a mouth guard when you train. Keep those pearly whites intact!


Jits Grips- A great way to work on your open guard when you don't have a friend to train with.

Ok, here we go, here's part 1:

And here's part 2:


TWIBJJ #84 with Dave Kama

05 August, 2015 0 comments Leave a comment

On today's episode of TWIBJJ, my guest is Dave Kama who runs Kama Jiu-jitsu in Laguna Niguel, CA. He's one of Rickson Gracie's first black belts in the US and has a great understanding of the art.

The news topics include:

-My 5 thoughts on the 5 Grappling Super League tournament

-EBI 4 will be live on Aug 15th!

-ADCC 2015 will be live on Aug 29th & 30th!

This week's new products include:

-Journey into Jiujitsu by Nic Gregoriades

-Progressive Jiujitsu by Nic Gregoriades & Oli Geddes

-BJJ Building Blocks by Nic Gregoriades

-Half Guard 3 Volume series by Gordo

-Josh Barnett

-Billy Robinson

-Wade Schales

-Bernardo Faria's Pressure Passing 4 DVD Set is now shipping

Here's part 1:

And here's part 2:

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