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Yoshinkan Aikido 9 DVD Collector's Set


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Quick Overview

This set contains all 3 Yoshinkan Box Sets.
1) Complete Techniques
2) Chokuden
3) Aikido of Heaven and Earth
In total, over 17 hours of amazing Aikido footage on 9 DVDs!

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This set contains all 3 Yoshinkan Box Sets.
1) Complete Techniques
2) Chokuden
3) Aikido of Heaven and Earth
In total, over 17 hours of amazing Aikido footage on 9 DVDs!

Contents of Box Set 1: Complete Techniques

This is regarded as the most complete collection of Aikido techniques on any video set. Techniques are demonstrated by Soke Gozo Shioda and instruction is performed and explained by top Yoshinkan instructors: Tsutomu Chida, Hitoshi Nakano, and Tsuneo Ando. Full English narration. Contents are: Disc 1 (Contains what was previously released on VHS # 1, 2, and 3)

  • Kihondosa (Basics) -Rei (Etiquette) -Hanmi (Stance) -Shikko Ho (Knee Walking) -The 6 Basic Movements of Yoshinkan Aikido -Ukemi (Falling)
  • Shihonage (14 techniques)
  • Ikkajo (36 techniques)

Disc 2 (Contains what was previously released on VHS # 4, 5, and 6)

  • Nikajo (35 techniques)
  • Sankajo (32 techniques)
  • Yonkajo (28 techniques)

Disc 3 (Contains what was previously released on VHS # 7, 8, 9, and 10)

  • Iriminage (52 techniques)
  • Hijishime and Hiji Ate Kokyu Nage (49 techniques)
  • Kotegaeshi (27 techniques)
  • Tenchinage (4 techniques)
  • Kokyuho (5 techniques)
  • Jiyuwaza (12 techniques)

Box set 1 has English narration.

Contents of Box set 2: Chokuden

Originally released as a 10 part VHS series titled "Intensive Class for Blackbelts", now this incredible collection is available in a 3 DVD box set. Filmed in 1989, this set features Yoshinkan Aikido founder Gozo Shioda teaching his top students in the Kenshukai course. The classes filmed are only of the black belt students being taught advanced techniques. Over Shioda sensei's long Aikido career, his movements became very refined and powerful as is shown in this collection.

Box set 2 is only narrated in Japanese

Contents of Box 3: Aikido of Heaven & Earth

'Aikido no Ten Chi' is the 3rd Yoshinkan DVD box set and it includes previously unreleased footage of Gozo Shioda's demonstrations of his energetic Aikido. Also included are instructional seminars only for uchi deshi - his closest students.

Disc 1 - Demonstrations

  • 1955-1965 Yahata Jidai Demos
  • 1962 Demo for Robert Kennedy
  • 1962 Demo for the Japanese Self Defense Force
  • 1965 Demo Queen Alexandra of the UK
  • 1981 Demo for the Indonesian Ambassador to Japan
  • 1981 Kogane Dojo kagami biraki
  • 1985 Kokusai Budoin 10th Sogo Budo Taikai

Disc 2 - Black Belt festival & Kenshukai

  • Tekubi no sosa
  • Irimi 1
  • Irimi 2
  • Irimi 3
  • Mune no sayo 1
  • Mune no sayo 2

Disc 3 - Special seminar for uchi deshi at the Shinjuku Dojo

  • Seminar topic is Kamae

Box set 3 is only narrated in Japanese.

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Additional Information
SKU BV-10957
Release Date Jan 1, 2005
Other Info No
Languages Box 1:English, Box 2:Japanese, Box 3:Japanese
Length 1050 Minutes on 9 DVDs

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