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Takamatsu: The Last Real Ninja Book & DVD Set


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Save $10 by purchasing the book and DVD together.

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Save $10 by purchasing the book and DVD together.

Book details:

Takamatsu Toshitsugu, the last shinobi, who influenced the modern budo world and some associated traditional martial arts schools. Takamatsu united in one single person a number of traditional martial arts systems and took these from Japanese medieval times into modern age.

... born in 1889, in an era when the whole of Japan hastily orientated itself by the newly discovered Western culture.

... grown up under the care of his beloved grandmother Nao and the influence of his draconian father Gishin.

... trained under the severe supervision of his grandfather Toda Shinryuken, to whom he owed his stamina and tenacity.

... he spent many years on dangerous journeys in the vastness of Mongolia and China.

... he was friends with a man who was to hand down Takamatsu’s thoughts and teachings from Japan to the whole world after his death in 1972: Hatsumi Masaaki.

…Competing with Fujita Seiko – the last Koga-ninja.

- With numerous events and facts which have not been published before -

On 315 pages this book does not only describe the eventful life of two restless men who considered themselves to be the last shinobi but also delivers fascinating insights into the historical backgrounds of Japan on the threshold from medieval to modern times.

DVD details:

Toshitsugu Takamatsu was the teacher of Masaaki Hatsumi in various ninjutsu traditions including Togakure Ryu. This DVD was released 33 years after Hatsumi received his "menkyo kaiden" (complete mastery) of the art from Takamatsu. 33 is an auspicious number in Buddhist and Ninjutsu traditions.

This amazingly well produced documentary includes an in depth discussion with Hatsumi in which various photos are shown and memories are shared. The last 35 minutes feature rare film footage of Takamatsu instructing Hatsumi as a young man. Fascinating footage of the "last real ninja".

Among empty hand techniques, footage of Takamatsu teaching the following weapons is also shows:

* Jo
* Bo
* Jutte
* Yari (spear)
* Hanbo
* Naginata
* Kusarigama

Additional Information
SKU BV-80114
Release Date Jul 12, 2006
Other Info No
Book Format Paperback
Languages English

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