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Tai no Jo Illustrated Kaiden 4 Book  Set by Sunao Takagawa

Tai no Jo Illustrated Kaiden 4 Book Set by Sunao Takagawa

Product Review (submitted on May 6, 2010):

If you're going to title your book "illustrated kaiden" it helps to be a top-notch illustrator. Such a person is Mr Sunao Takagawa(aka Sunao Hari). Besides being a 7th-dan from the Aikikai and practitioner of Shindo Muso-ryu Jojutsu, Hari-sensei is an award winning political cartoonist; having won the Japan Cartoonists' Association's Award of Excellence in 1973.
This 4-volume set is companion to and compliments the 3-volume DVD set. With step-by-step detailed drawings, Hari-sensei introduces fundamentals of handling the sword and jo, attack and defense, and partnered practice. His personable style is evident in the drawings and it feels as though you are with Sensei in his seminar.
Tai-no-Jo can compliment any style of Aikido or Jujutsu practice and expand the techniques available to any stick art.