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Silent Partner 2 DVD Set with Mark Hatmaker

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Great Review by Euro Spallucci

Don't be misled by the title, this video is much more than a "dummy user manual".
It is an excellent compilation of no-gi throws, and more. Almost all throwing techniques
are shown both by means of the dummy and the assistant of mr. Hatmaker.
Whatever is your wrestling style, e.g. judo, sambo, jiu-jitsu,etc., you will find
useful information. As an appetizer, here it is what you will find in the first of the
disks Volume 1.
Horizontal work.
Straight body scissors. Crooked (figure-four) body scissors. Straight head scissors
Crooked head scissors (top foot crossed over the bottom foot). Pommel arm bar drill
Pommel knee ride switch drill. Head lock punisher grip (palm-up-palm-down) squeeze and
slide the hips forward. Head lock choke up grip (elbow grip). Underhook duck-out.
Overhook duck-out. Wing. Double wrist lock wing.

Horizontal lifting drills.
Gut lift. Waist and crotch lift . Waist and crotch lift to double leg toss. Vertical lifting
drills. Head drags. Body locks. Double leg pick-ups. Waist and outside crotch pick-up.
Waist and inside crotch pick-up Crotch lift pick-up . Inside fireman's carry pick-up.
Outside fireman's carry pick-up.

Squat drills.
Horizontal body lock. Waist and crotch to shoulders. Double leg to shoulders.King Kong lifts.

Tie-ups, Pummeling, Sprawling
Touch stand for ranging. Over-and-under tie-ups. Over-and-under pummeling. Sprawl.

Headlock tosses ( Koshi Guruma variations )
Headlock single-arm over-hook hip toss. Headlock single-arm under-hook hip toss.
Headlock hip toss (no arms included). Locked headlock and single-arm hip toss.

Body-lock tosses
Front body-lock crunch. Front body-lock crunch and back heel trip ( Daki Ko-soto-gake)
Front body-lock hip toss. Front body-lock side cast. Rear body-lock forward trip ( hook
above the knee) (Soto Kusabi Dome). Rear body-lock single back heel trip (Daki Tani Otoshi).
Rear body-lock double back heel trip. Rear body-lock crossover back heel trip
(O Soto Otoshi). Rear body-lock to double ankle with shoulder drive.
Rear body-lock to rear crotch lifting. Rear body-lock to hook lifting .
Rear body-lock to cross crotch lifting

Arm Tie-up Throws
Over-and-under to waist chancery and back trip (O Soto Otoshi). Over-and-under single arm
tie-up/waist lock hip toss (O Goshi). Over-and-under double tie-up hip toss (Tsurikomi
Goshi). Over-and-under lateral drop (Yoko Otoshi/Uki Waza). Far arm single under-hook hip
toss (Tsurikomi Goshi variation). Near arm single over-hook hip toss (Tsurikomi Goshi
variation). Double wrist lock hip toss. Double wrist lock kick over (Hikkomi Gaeshi).
Standing step behind switch hip toss ( Tani Otoshi variation).Double wrist tie-up
shoulder/hip toss (Juji Nage). Single arm inside-out crook throw (Ippon Seoi Nage)
Single arm outside-in crook throw (Ippon Seoi Nage variation). Double arm tie-up from the
under-hook to hip toss. Whizzer hook to pancake. Whizzer with inside gravepine and far
elbow (Uchi Mata).

(Posted on 7/12/09)

1 Item(s)

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