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Fighter: Randy Couture Documentary DVD

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Great Review by Anthony despars

Classic Couture in action, Awesome piece of the Natural and a litle history about mma and him.

(Posted on 7/20/09)

Great Review by Juan E. Chinea

Well Glen Isobe(above review)just gave you a detailed description of about what this DVD is all about but in my own words I really think this DVD is really good in terms of a documentary perspective because it gives the viewer an insight not only into the cage but also into the normal aspects of the figthers daily life (from training- into home chores-plus sharing with their love one s).It is also a good tool to educate new mma fans about how the sport evolved from one dimensional figthers-to cross training-to the ultimate ALL around figther that we are seeing nowdays.Also you can appreciate the psycological aspects about re-grouping your mind and overall strategy from a loss (like Randy s case in the VTJ OPEN 98 vs Enson Inoue)to ultimately become a Champion again.Great footage from the RAW TEA training sessions the very first team were Randy Couture,Dan henderson,Tom Erickson,Matt Linland,Frank Trigg and Vladimir Matyushenko started their MMA careers long before Team Quest and Team X-treme Couture existed! CLASSIC MMA DVD!

(Posted on 7/18/09)

Great Review by Glen Isobe

Yes, this is a Classic DVD. Here’s why:

This international award-winning documentary is the best thing since the Gracie-in-Action series…this DVD is Gold. Anyone who considers themselves to be an MMA historian should have both the GIA 1&2 plus this DVD in their library. This is the DVD that you show to educate your ignorant-yet-opinionated, friends and family about what MMA is really about. By the chapters…

1.Intro: Various sparring highlights from Neutral Grounds. Comments from: Dennis Hall, Rico, Randy, lots of UFC highlights, Big John McCarthy, wrestling God Dan Gable, and Maurice Smith.

2.Couture: The epic battle between Enson Inoue and Randy at the Japan Vale Tudo ’98, comments from Randy’s family members about ring and at home, and even…how Randy folds his socks!, lessons from a loss.

3.What Tha?: Rico talks about his theory of fighting…MMA is the original form of fighting. A younger Dana White commenting on UFC’s evolution.

4.Fighting 101 (part 1): Randy explaining the flow from wrestling to boxing, and demonstrates striking options on the ground.

5.Grrlfight: Victoria Schultz talks about transitioning from point-fighting to MMA as a Mom, how her boyfriend is so supportive…yeah, yeah, okay…she does has guts for sure.

6.Guru: And…that would refer to the Dan Gable-coached, University of Iowa Hawkeye wrestler, World-Cup-Champion, R-1 Gym owner, Professional Submission League Master-Mind: Rico Chiapparelli talking about the evolution, theory and positioning of MMA. But wait, there's more!...an Italian GQ Fashion-model career?…the man is an esoteric wizard in the world of MMA training…just don’t make a big deal about it. (My side note: Bruce Lee was a Cha Cha dance champion of Hong Kong!) WTF!

7. The importance of beating earnest: Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, meets wrestling…

8. UFC XIII- 4-man tournament…”The bigger guys don’t move as fast.”

9. UFC XV: Randy preparing for Vitor Belfort…training at Boxing Works, Randy’s blow-by-blow of the fight.

10. UFC Japan: Randy vs. Maurice Smith.

11. Fighting 101 (part 2): Randy demonstrating the rear naked choke.

12. Virgins: regular working-class guys training for the cage.

13. UFC 28: : Randy vs. Kevin Randleman. Winning the title.

14. Now What?: Update on where all the fighters are now.

15. and the future of MMA: opinions from various people.

(Posted on 3/6/08)

Great Review by jason jurado

Randy couture is truly a "natural" and this is an interesting DVD about the dark ages (middle years) of the UFC and MMA in general. overall is not that entertaining; that being said, this is a must watch for the longtime enthusiast to remember where we came from and for the new viewer to get a better idea of the roots of MMA in america.

(Posted on 2/18/08)

4 Item(s)

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