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Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 2 DVD

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Keith Owen Favorite Moves Vol 2 DVD

Customer Reviews

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Great Review by mikhail bogdanovskiy

shows lots of cool moves a little bit better than the first one

(Posted on 4/6/08)

Great Review by anthony alfreda

Even better than the 1st one. The baseball bat choke is awesome. There is a lot to be learned in these 2 tapes, maybe a bit pricey though for someone who isnt that well known, but worth it still

(Posted on 2/22/08)

Great Review by Stephen Wilmers

Favorite Moves Volume 2 by Pedro Sauer Black Belt Keith Owen is finally out and I must say it is another “must have” DVD! If you like volume 1, you will not be disappointed with volume 2. The DVD follows the same principle of volume 1, in which Keith continues to show you some of his favorite moves. On the DVD you will find the following techniques:

Back Mount
1. Back Mount Strangle
2. Rear Naked Choke

1. Triangle Escape
2. Kimura Escape

1. Baseball Bat Choke
2. Passing the Guard Knee Pin
3. Guard Pass Gi Under the Arm
4. Cross Choke from the Guard
5. Double Leg Stack Counter
6. Kimura

Half Guard
1. Half Guard Escape Roll
2. Half Guard Knee In to Side Control
3. Half Guard Moves
4. Half Guard to Side Control

1. S-Mount

Side Control (Bottom)
1. Arm and Shoulder Escape

Side Control (top)
1. Side Control to Mount
2. Kimura Options

1. Turtle to Side Control Choke
2. Getting Turtle Hooks In
3. Turtle Spin Counter
4. North South Turtle Flip to Choke
5. North South Turtle Choke Escape

As you can see, Keith covers a variety of moves on this DVD. Each move is broken down and shown with various camera angles. A lot of instructionals on the market today use one camera angle, but the multi-angles used here definitely make learning a little easier.

Some of the techniques that really stood out for me was the Baseball Bat Choke. Normally I’ve done this technique from the knee on stomach position, but Keith shows two variations from two different positions, plus the basic knee on stomach position. The first one he shows is from the standing position. Basically as you get the grips of the choke in, you drop to the floor and as you do, the choke tightens up. The second variation of the choke is from the guard position in which your opponent passes your guard and moves right in the choke.

Another area that really stands out is the amount of kimura material. On the DVD you will find how to apply the basic kimura from the guard, how to escape the kimura when you opponent has the north/south position, plus numerous details on applying the kimura from the top. You not only get a step-by-step breakdown on how to execute these moves, but you get the little details that really count.

Finally one other move that really sticks out is a guard pass that has you trap your opponent’s arm. I’ve been using a similar pass where I can trap the arm, but this gave me another option to do it this. The way I normally do it would end up having my opponent’s arm trapped under his back, but the way Keith show’s it has your opponent’s arm trapped to his side using the gi skirt, allowing you to take the side mount, and finish with a choke.

I could go on about each section, but you really should just get the DVD yourself. The video production and audio quality is top notch. One of the features that really stuck out was the navigation of the DVD. On the DVD you will find two menu chapters for which you can navigate from. One is by having each move listed by alphabetical order, but the second way and my favorite is by position. If you noticed the way I have the techniques listed earlier in the review, that is the way you will find them broken down on the second menu.

The DVD runs for 1 hour and 39 minutes. You won’t find any fluff on this DVD, just good solid instruction. The price is listed at $24.95 and at that price, this is a steal! To order this DVD or find out more about Keith Owen and his school go to www.bjjmoves.com. Keith is definitely on a roll putting out quality products and hopefully we will see more from him in the future!

(Posted on 2/15/08)

3 Item(s)

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