Tsuneo Ando: Yoshinkan Aikido DVD


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"The Biography of Tsuneo Ando" features one of Yoshinkan Aikido founder Gozo Shioda's top students, Tsuneo Ando Sensei. 6th dan, Ando Sensei speaks in a way that feels like the viewer is listening to an old friend. Honest, open, and personable describe the way Ando Sensei speaks and instructs. Sections include:
  • Interview
  • Public Demonstrations
  • Instruction
Ando Sensei's detailed instruction focuses on body power, center power, and posture. Sensei goes into explicit detail to explain the reasoning for his unique posture. Techniques and topics included in his instruction are:
  • Shomen Uchi Ikkajo Osae
  • Katate Mochi Nikajo Osae
  • Yokomen Uchi Hiji Ate Kokyu Nage
  • Katate Mochi Kotei Gaeshi
  • Ushiro Ryote Mochi Kotei Gaeshi
  • Suwariwaza Ryote Mochi Kokyu Ho
  • Jiyu Waza
  • Jiyu Waza with no Hands
  • Knife Evasion
  • Randori
  • Kamae
  • Zanshin
Ando sensei does just about everything Shioda Sensei did in his demonstrations and many say that Ando is the one who most closely resembles Shioda's Aikido.

"Mastering posture is the quickest way to learn Aikido" - Ando Sensei's quote of Gozo Shioda Sensei.

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