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The Lost Art of Hooking 5 DVD Set with Tony Cecchine 1


The Lost Art of Hooking 5 DVD Set with Tony Cecchine 1

The Lost Art of Hooking 5 DVD Set with Tony Cecchine

Tony Cecchine

$115.95 USD 

Ground Domination VOL.1 & 2: Learn the difference between true control and the myth of positioning. Learn to gain control of your opponent while in his guard. The bottom is not the dominant position. Don't let your opponent out when you're saddled (mounted) up, and learn why hips matter.

Arm Manipulations VOL.3 & 4: The top wrist lock and double wrist lock were the bread and butter holds of the old timers. Learn the proper setups and technique to take your shoulder locks to the absolute next level. I teach forearm compressions, wrist manipulations, elbow torques, and locks that attack your opponent's shoulder, wrist, and elbow all at the same time. You will not find these arm locks on any other tape series.

Neck Manipulations, VOL.5 & 6: Choke him out in three seconds. Don't waste time with poor technique and improper leverage. Learn the real secrets to breaking a mans neck, and to rendering him unconscious. There's more to fighting than a rear naked choke or triangle choke. Actually learn the science behind the most vaunted of all techniques...the techniques that can allow you to end a mans life.

Leg Manipulations, VOL.7, 8 and 9: Three volumes teach you how to dismantle a man's leg from foot to hip, and everything in between. Learn why shin locks can be used from any position. Stop rolling with him when he tries to turn out of your heelhook. Learn proper leverage and technique, and the unstoppable step-over toe hold that is slowly making its way into other grappling circles. Learn the real Half-Boston Crab and why its variations being taught in popular grappling circles are simply not the best. Can you submit him with your grapevines? Well, now you can!

Hooking Combinations, VOL.10: Chaining. It's what separates the amateur from the devastating ground fighter. Learn how to throw hook after hook at your opponent. Every one of his moves is just another opening for you to snap him or tap him. Watch Tony wrestle live and show you the extreme effectiveness of this devastating art.


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