The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat Book and 2 DVD set with Bob Orlando 1


The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat Book and 2 DVD set with Bob Orlando 1

The Fighting Forms of Kuntao-Silat Book and 2 DVD set with Bob Orlando

Paladin Press

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Before you skip over it, wait: this isn't just another forms video. In fact, it's nothing like any form you've ever seen. Rather than showing you a dry collection of martial arts moves that have no basis in real-world combat, best-selling author Bob Orlando and Paladin Press have put together a video production that teaches hard-core fighting skills in a format that's easily learned, repeatable and practical. Drawn from the best elements of the Indonesian combat art of kuntao-silat, this video shows you the only two forms you'll ever need.

Combining the author's logical, detailed instruction with multiple camera angles and slow-motion photography, you will learn two of the most fundamental forms of kuntao-silat: Enam Matjan and Elbow Exercise. Both teach the important combat basics of angle, leverage and body positioning to win any fight, including dealing with multiple assailants or fighting from a disadvantaged position. In addition, Orlando shows strikes with both the open hand and the fist that will literally stun your opponent with pain and leave him open to devastating leg destructions to disrupt his base.

This is the forms video for people who don't like forms and is a must-have for any complete combat library. The video set includes a 46-page workbook on Enam Matjan and Elbow Exercise. For information purposes only

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