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Tactical Street Survival DVD by Larry Wick


$ 68.95 
Wick has mastered the martial arts and logged 30 years experience of mixing it up in the street. But -- in a sudden flash of insight -- he realized that every single part of his training had gaping holes that could get him killed. Holes that any street punk could break through. Sometimes by luck, sometimes by superior skill. Sometimes just by ganging up on him.

Wick went into hiding, and spent years developing a new way of fighting. And I mean new. Nobody has seen anything like this before. Not you, not the top street fighter in your town, not the steel-eyed killers in the deepest parts of the Spec Op community. That’s why there’s so much buzz. That’s why the entire fighting world has been so shaken up (and why all the rumors are flying).

Get this... Every move -- every single one in this new system -- is designed to take-out your opponent in ONE SECOND.

There are NO punches and NO kicks... so it’s incredibly easy to learn, fast. And... it is designed to work against larger opponents. This incredible fighting system may be the most important thing you EVER learn in your life!

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